2011 Recruiting Board

The 2011 Recruiting Board is an ever-changing board of all the offers the Michigan football staff has given out. With over 120 offers given out this board will constantly be updated and changing. Keep checking back with us for the latest on these recruits.  If you have any knowledge on some of these players please feel free to email us at michsportszone@gmail.com.  All info is appreciated. Thanks!

Player:                         Position:     State:             School:              Rank: 
Delonte Hollowell         CB                MI                Cass Tech

Greg Brown                  CB               OH               

Shawn Conway             WR              MI                Birmingham

Brennen Beyer             TE/DT          MI

2011 Prospects:
Player:                    State:         Interest Level:       Visit Date:      Rank:
Braxton Miller          OH               Low-Med                                      5-Star

Marcus Graham       OH               UNK

Cardale Jones          OH               UNK

Darius Jennings       MD

Kevin Sousa             FL                UNK

Jerrard Randall        FL               Low-Med

Christian LeMay      NC              Med

Kiehl Frazier             AR              Med

Player:                             State:        Interest Level:       Visit Date:    Rank:
Demetrius "Dee"'Hart   FL            High                                              4-Star

DeVondrick Nealy          FL            UNK

Valdez Showers               MI            UNK

Justice Hayes                 MI             UNK

Chevelle Buie                 FL

Jarrell Oliver                 TX                  UNK

Rico Butler                    OH

Shaquan Coles               NY               UNK

Tom Smith                     FL

Savon Huggins              NJ                 UNK

Malcolm Crockett         D.C.         

Mike Blakely                 FL

Player:                    State:          Interest Level:     Visit Date:       Rank:
Darius Patton              OH              UNK

Sammy Watkins          FL              UNK                       17 Apr 10

Prince Holloway          FL               UNK

Davaris Daniels           IL                UNK
(also a S prospect)

Dallas Crawford         FL              UNK
(also CB prospect)

DeAnthony Arnett      MI          Low-Med                     Trips to A2 X3

Jermal Hosley             MI

Xavier Youngblood     FL

Tanner McEvoy         NJ           Med

Player:                  State:          Interest Level:     Visit Date:       Rank:
Rodney Coe          IL               UNK

Hakeem Flowers   SC           UNK

Miles Shuler       NJ            Low-Med

Player:                 State:          Interest Level:         Visit Date:      Rank:
Brian Miller           MA              UNK

Player:                              State:            Interest Level:      Visit Date:     Rank:
OG Kevin Reihner              PA                 UNK

OG/DT Jonah Austin           LA

OT Trai Turner                   LA

OL Andre Yruretagoyena   AZ      Med-High

OT Tony Pasada                FL

Player:                    State:        Interest Level:         Visit Date:        Rank:
DT Darian Cooper    MD           Med-High

DE Deion Barnes      PA            Med                            17 Apr

DE/DT Donte Phillips  WI          Unk

DT Vincent Croce     MD        Med-High

DE Nathan Hughes    TX

Player:                    State:      Interest Level:                Visit Date:            Rank:
HaSean Clinton-Dix  FL           Low (AL commit)

Kris Frost                 NC          Med-High                        27 May BHBBQ

Ben Kline                  PA          Med-High

Kent Turene           FL

Armstead Williams   PA

Trey DePriest        OH

Player:                     State:        Interest Level:       Visit Date:        Rank:
Charles Jackson        TX              UNK

Dondi Kirby              PA             Med-High

Spencer Waseem      FL

Kyshoen Jarrett    PA              Med-High

Player:                    State:                    Interest Level:                 Visit Date:            Rank:
Renaldo Thomas       LA                        UNK
(also could be OLB)

Karlos Williams         FL                       UNK

Ron Tanner             OH

Jaquail Ashley      FL        

Player: State: Interest Level: Visit Date: Rank: