National Prospect Board

The Nationwide Prospects page is a page dedicated to those recruits that are in need or would like exposure.  Here at Michigan Sports Zone we feel everyone deserves the chance to get exposure regardless of what they project at the next level or skill ranking by some other recruiting sites. We update all of our profiles as much as possible.  If you are a prospect that would like exposure please email us at

Player:                     Class:      State:        Offers:    Interest
Devin Fuller            2012         PA             N/A        Oregon,Vt, Rutgers, BC, Miami,

Brandon Napoleon  2012        NJ             N/A        UM, WV, VT, OR, NC     

Player:               Class:      State:        Offers:       Interest

Desmon Peoples   2012      PA            N/A           UConn, Maryland, PSU, ND, Pitt, Rutgers, WV   

Collin Hegarty   2011         PA            None          Cincy, Pitt, Syracuse, Michigan, BC, Purdue

Gordon Hill         2011        NJ            None        

Bill Belton           2011       NJ             9+               Oregon, PSU, Michigan, OSU

Qua Barnes        2012        FL             N/A             FL

Drew Harris       2012        PA             N/A              

Marques Little   2014       NJ              N/A            Oregon, Penn State, Miami, West Virginia

Player:                 Class:     State:       Offers:   Interest
Rashaun Sligh        2011     PA           None      Penn, UM, MSU, Vandy,  

Kordell McInnis  2011        NJ           None      Temple, Syracuse,  

Marzett Geter      2012        PA          N/A         WV, Maryland
(also CB prospect)

WR Gehrig Dieter 2012      IN          N/A           FL, ND, OSU, UM, AL  
(also S prospect)

Player:            Class:         State:      Offers:        Commited to PSU 25 May
Kyle Carter     2011           DE          None           

Player:            Class:      State:         Offers:        Interest:
Tion Green      2012         FL            N/A            

Desmon Peoples  2012    PA            N/A            UConn, PSU, ND, Pitt,
                                                                           Rutgers, Temple

Player:         Class:        State:        Offers:   Interest


Player:                  Class:     State:        Offers:      Interest
Quinton Alston        2011       NJ            21+          BC, Pitt, Colorado,
                                                                                Rutgers, S. Florida

Antoine Pozniak       2011      NY          Illinois                                       

Tom Macauley          2011     NJ           None            Stoney-Brooks,

Andre Hodge              2011     NJ          None            Rutgers, Stanford,
                                                                                   UM, TN

Royce Jenkins-Stone  2012    MI         N/A               Michigan 

MLB James Ross       2012   MI          N/A               OSU, PSU, AL,
                                                                                  Miami, TX                                                              

OLB Vin Ascolose       2012   NJ          N/A               FL, UM, OSU, AL,

Jazzmar Clax               2012     NJ         N/A              Purdue, Sryacuse

Quanzell Lambert       2012      NJ        N/A               Open to any school

Player:                       Class:     State:     Offers:      Interest
Brian Poole                2012       FL          N/A           UM, FL, OSU, FSU,  
Ronald Baines          2011   NJ                                                                                                               

Player:                 State:  Class:              Offers:       Interest
Brandon Butler    FL       2012                 N/A          FL, Miami

Player:                 State:        Offers:   Interest

Player:                 State:        Offers:   Interest