2011 Prospect Profile: CB Ronald "Duke" Baines

Ronald “Duke” Baines-CB- 6'0" 182
Voorhees, NJ – Eastern HS
4.6 40 –
Interests:  Michigan, Penn State, Virginia, Temple, Oregon, Syracuse, West Virginia and Rutgers.

Prep: (JR) 45 tackles, 15 assists, 2 forced fumbles, 7 Interception. Led New Jersey All-South with 7 Interceptions, selected All-Conference and nominated for All-State.

           Photo by MSZ's Alan Beaulieu

Analysis: Baines is a player that is flying underneath-the-radar. First thing that is noticeable about Baines is he is a humble, respectable kid that loves football. He is the type of player that lives and breathes football and is always in the weight room. Baines held his own while competing against the top receiving talent on the east coast at the Rivals Premier Showcase at Rutgers on 20 Feb. The players he went up against were BCS level receivers. Baines is a hard hitting, physical defender and a solid open field tackler. He does a great job of getting low and wrapping up the ball carrier. His tackling abilities and fundamentals are a testament to the level of coaching he has received. Another very likeable aspect of Baines’s style of play is his aggressiveness. He is not afraid to throw his weight around, make hard hits and hard tackles. He doesn’t back down from bigger defenders. Baines enjoys the challenge of bigger players’ trying to stop him. He is the type of player that feeds off of those types of challenges. Being physical and playing with a chip on your shoulder is a great asset to have when wanting to compete at the next level. If Baines can add some extra weight over the next few seasons his instincts in coverage and ability to find the ball carrier would make him a good safety prospect. Baines is what most coaches call a “hunter.” He reads and reacts quickly and hunts down the ball carrier. When he finds the ball carrier he is physical and aggressive with his hits and tackles. Despite the talents to make a switch Baines is a solid defensive back prospect. He has a good combination of football speed, physical play and impeccable instincts. Baines doesn’t get caught looking in the backfield. He has a natural ability to find the ball in the air and make a play. This could be why he led the New Jersey All-South conference with 7 interceptions last season. One area where Baines needs to develop better in is with his footwork. He has a habit of taking long steps in his back pedal instead of short, choppy steps. This is an area that is coachable but will require some extra work if he hopes to make an impact at the next level. Lastly, Baines has great balance. Balance is important for being able to adjust to receivers routes without losing speed and it allows a defender to adjust to where the ball is being thrown to put them in a position to make a play. As Baines recruitment heats up, Top Prospect Sports will be there every step of the way to bring you all the updates.


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