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 This blog is going to be much shorter than previous one's due to it being the off-season and a lot of ambiguity still in the air with regards to-- players and positions still needing further evalutation..I do have a few updates and corrections to add from my previous blogs..Did I say that Spring was going to be fun this year? haha    60 days until the 'game' my friends, are you ready?

1.  First, after speaking with J Paskorz himself, the rumors of him bulking up to 265 already are FALSE..He stated that he is 6'3 235...With that being the case, I would expect him to get a look at MLB this Spring and then they will see where/ what they will do with Mr. Paskorz in the future...I for one am very excited about his abilities and  what the future holds for him..Sorry about any mis-information that I had previously provided...

2.  Like I stated in a previous thread, the coaches are extremely happy with a young Mr. Cameron Gordon..So much so that, after speaking to a few people around the team, the coaches plan on moving him from LB back to the FS position or possibly even the "spinner" position depending on how Spring turns out...He provides the athleticism for either position and size as well..Let's hope this one works out!! "blue-light"

3.. I still think we see Mr. Mike Cox moved to the 'max back" position due to depth and his abilities..I could see him being a huge talent with this change but again, Spring will work all this stuff out..Watch for the true Freshman Stephen Hopkins to get some early snaps at this position this year as well...

4..I am also hearing that Freshman OT Christian Pace is being moved insided to either RG or even Center..He has the skill set for this and I believe it will pay huge dividends in the future for both UM and C Pace...Kid is a beast with a non-stop motor that plays with the nasty disposition you look for on the OL..ESPECIALLY at the RG or Center position..

5.. We also should see multiple Defensive looks this year in order to get our best players on the field as much as possible...We will see some 4-3 under looks, 3-4 zone blitzing, and a 3-3-5 stack which some don't like due to the conference we are in...I don't really think it matters as long as you have a true playmaker at each level...With the infusion of Defensive talent in the last 2 classes...Don't be surprised to see us move to more of a 3-3-5 look more than not..Although, I believe that will really play it's hand more in 2011 than 2010.. We will still have a few players not playing their "exact" positions this year but, that IS DUE to depth(or lack thereof) and needing to win...Imo, 2011 is when all this gets panned out but, as fans, we have to be patient one more year..Can you be? I know I can...

    A quick thought on recruiting and it's ratings by websites..---

    Those sites give a cerain insight on players and help schools start to hand select who they are going to offer...After that, I think it's a crap-shoot in ranking players.. Each site is different on how the rank kids but, in the end, it is just for fun more than a direct corollaryto how things will "pan out"..I do believe there is a NO-BRAINER in rankins within the first 60 or so kids in the nation but after that, 61-300 are all OPINIONS..
I know everyone wants all the "5 stars" possible because in theory, these players will give you a better chance to win but, don't be fooled by what some are ranked..To be honest, I would rather have a roster FULL of "3 and 4 stars" who love the game, play with an edge, and have something to prove. Rather than an over-hyped HIGH SCHOOL kid that doesn't live up to his expectations due to that or other factors...

  My opinion---This staff knows football and there is a reason why the are revered as one of the best in evalutating talent and developing it as well...Think of it this way--If the staff lands a 3 star, look at him as a 4 star because within two years of this system, that's the level the coaches will have them playing at..Look at a 4* as a future 5* and a 5* as a, well, there isn't anything in rankings higher than a 5* but, I have a feeling we won't be thinking this for several years to come starting next year...The FUTURE IS BRIGHT my friends!

  Again, after going 8-16 in his first 2 year at UM, RR and company are faced with more negative recruiting as well as in house problems more than ANY other coach in the country, TRUST ME..Having said that, if you look at the previous depth chart and NOW look at it after these last 2 classes and you see all the talent brought in at positions that previous regimes WHIFFED on...Can anyone really NOT be excited about the future and the future classes? (Florida and Texas like in the future for UM) I PROMISE you that as long as RR and company are still around...Maybe not in exact rankings but, the caliber of players I have no doubt about...Also remember that when kids commit to UM(since we are hated nationally) a lot of kids that commit don't get a second look or evaluation by the websites for that reason alone(as well as others)...

   Look for an OT a DL and possibly an LB to commit to the Wolverines within the next few weeks..I will be shocked if it doesn't happen..We will also continue to bring that and any other info on here as soon as we get it..The number I keep hearing for the class of 2011 continues to be "20"..We shall see as the future progresses...

  Look for my "players on the rise and fall" when we get closer to and throughout Spring ball...I will have many updates on that stuff as well as others..

    Well, that's if for now but, thanks for stopping by and please let us know how we are doing or what you would like to see in the future on this site..Remember, we created this for YOU (the fan) so, in order to be as successful as possible, we need some feedback...Thanks again, HD

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