2011 Propsect Profile: RB Collin Hegarty

Collin Hegarty- RB-5'10" 200
East Stroudsburg, PA – East Stroudsburg HS
4.52 40 -
Offers: None

Interests: Cincinnati, Syracuse, Boston College, Purdue, Pittsburgh, Michigan


Prep: (FR) Did not play or no stats provided. (SO) 34 carries, 347 yards, 5 touchdowns. (JR) Offensively: 74 Carries, 651 yards and 13 Touchdowns. Defensivley: 51 tackles, 1 interception and 1 fumble recovery (2 defensive touchdowns)

Info: Collin is a good natured young man who credits his father for being the biggest influence in his life. Collin explains his fathers influence by saying, “My father gave me the right attitude growing up and always told me never let another man outwork you. That attitude got me to where I am today.” Collin grew up watching Marshall Faulk but compares his style of play to Stanford RB Toby Gerhart.

Like most prospects his age he works hard in hopes to obtain scholarship offers to attend college. As a dual-sport athlete he works hard in football and track to best prepare him to have a chance to prove he can play at the next level. Collin has a 3.1 G.P.A and is an honor student. He would like to major in Business and use his degree to have a career as an Accountant. As for his future, Collin is a simple type of person and hopes to “get a good education, go as far as football can take me. Support my family and pursue happiness.

Collin admits he doesn’t have a “dream school” but says academics are an important factor in deciding where he would like to spend 4 years of his life. Besides academics, he is looking for a college that is located in a populated area and has a coaching staff that is willing to work with him. He insists distance is not a factor in deciding on a college. As far as possible visits are concerned, Collin has already visited Syracuse, twice last season he watched the Orangemen play and took part in the game day atmosphere. He is also hearing from other schools such as Boston College and Cincinnati. Both schools are hoping to have him unofficially visit for their respective Spring Games. Collin has a keen interest in the spring practice period. He plans on possibly enrolling early in order to take advantage of the extra practice time it allows. This dedication could lead to early playing time for Collin but he understands that is not guaranteed. When asked what he brings to the college level he responded with “hard work, dedication, and just overall the right attitude. Collin works hard not only to keep his grades up but to keep his strength and conditioning up. Regarding his strength and conditioning, Collin stated, “I have good strength for a high school running back. I bench press 340 lbs and squat 465, my conditioning could be better but I’ve been working on it by running 5 miles every night.” Collins rigorous training routine has led to great performances at numerous combines. The combines he has attended include: Nike Combine in Baltimore and Philadelphia, Schumans National Underclassmen Combine, Ultimate 100 Combine ( East Coast ) Freshman and Sophomore year and the Football University combine his Sophomore year

For next season Collin is mostly looking forward to challenging himself as much as possible in practice to prepare for game time. So far his favorite highlight from his high school career is rushing for 190 yards and 4 touchdowns in a single game, against rival school Stroudsburg, last Thanksgiving morning. A few things Collin would like to work on are his quickness and he would like to become more of a passing threat out of the backfield.

Analysis: Collin has great speed and vision. He accelerates through his hole and is the type of runner that seems to gain strength with each carry. What is admirable about Collin is he doesn’t do a lot of dancing around. He takes the ball and knows exactly where he wants to go with it. He is a great north-south type of running back. He would rather gain extra yardage by lowering his shoulder and running through a defender rather than trying to juke around them. Collins self-comparison to Standford RB Toby Gerhart doesn’t seem to be far off. He is shorter and smaller than Toby but has a similar running style. Defenders are going to need to use proper mechanics and strength to bring Collin to the ground. Besides his strength his power makes him difficult to tackle. He constantly keeps his legs moving during a run and doesn’t stop until the whistle is blown. With hard work and the right coaching Collin has the right skills and potential to make an impact at the next level. He has the type of talent and attitude that compliment each other nicely.

(photos provided by prospect)


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