2012 National Prospect Profile: LB Quanzell Lambert

Quanzell Lambert-LB-6’1" 222
Erial, NJ – Timber Creek High School
4.6, 40 yard-dash
Interest: Open to any school
Prep: No stats reported

Intro: Quanzell Lambert is a talented player who has been playing behind Timber Creek standout Quinton Alston. Quinton is a highly-touted LB prospect and Quanzell has been learning a lot from Quinton and is awaiting his opportunity to take the reigns of the defense. Quanzell hopes to major in Mechanical Engineering in College. He is open to all schools and says distance isn’t going to be a factor in his future decision. When asked what he looks for in a college he replied with, “There coaching abilities in pushing men to do and be the best at my position and motivating me in life.” When he gets the chance to visit campuses he is mostly looking for campuses that have strong academic and athletic programs. Quanzell’s number 1 goal in life is to simply “reach my goal in life.” After college he would like to fix cars and other equipment. While he is open to any schools what he feels he can bring to the next level is specific. He feels he can bring “attitude, motivation, dedication (and bring) great times together with the team” When asked whom is the most influential person in his life, Quanzell responded with “God first, but on earth has been my father because he had a hard life and never got anything he wanted in life he had to go and earn it.” He is working very hard to get ready for the upcoming football season. What he looks forward to the most is simply being better than he was the day before. He is also looking forward to playing ot the best of his abilities and giving it his all on and off the field. Quanzell’s favorite highlight from his football career is simply “hitting people” That is spoken by a true linebacker!

Analysis: Quanzell is a hard-hitting run stopper.  He is what most defensive coaches would call a "hunter" which is the type of LB that excels in being able to freely hunt down the ball carrier and take them down. There are times where Quanzells decision making to commit to the run needs to be slightly faster but game-time experience will fix that.  Quanzell has good speed for a LB. A great attribute of Quanzells playmaking is his ability to play sideline-to-sideline.  He is the type of LB that opposing teams must take into consideration.  Teams are going to need to attempt to double team him in order to slow his point of attack.  With continous practice and hard work look for this LB to have a big junior year.


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