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 Just some quick tidbits I've HEARD from my sources after 8 Spring practices,  player reports and other updates...Hope you all have a great Easter weekend and that this makes your Easter weekend better...


 1.QB--  As I stated in my last blog, Denard Robinson has been running with the one's and is looking very impressive in the short passing game, zone read plays and his running abilities...He is really turning some heads in practice..I had Tate Forcier slated as the starter in fall(which he still could be) but everything I'm told is pointing in Denard Robinsons direction and it's looking more and more like his job to lose...

2.RB---  Mike Cox continues to impress but still needs to work on knowing the entire playbook and his assignments..When this happens, he should be fun to watch..Fitgerald Touissant and Michael Shaw are doing really well as well so, as of now, there is not a "clear cut" #1 yet...This should be a running back by committee this year...Vincent Smith would be the starter if he wasn't injured so we shall see how this pans out closer to fall...

3.OL--- Best unit on the team and they are really shining during practice...Their growth(physically and mentally) over the course of a year is going to be monumental in the success of the 2010 Wolverines..Do I really need to elaborate more? I don't think so either

4.TE----Koger and Webb are still inconsistent at best..Let's hope a light switch flips with these 2 because they are athletic, big TE's who should give opposing D's nightmares...

5.WR---Stonum and Roundtree would be the starters on the outside if the first game although, I believe we will see a heavy dose of Je'ron Stokes once his minor injury is healed(he is a beast).. With Gallon and Odoms locking down the inside slot positions...Once a everyone is healthy at this spot, we might see some changes come fall and UM should benefit getting Junior Hemingway back from injury...Don't sleep on the true Freshman Jerald Robinson earning some playing time this fall...He has exceptional ability to go up and get the ball at it's highest point and JR has some speed as well..I really like what the future holds for him and let's just say I'm not the only one..

  Players who have earned the Willis Wolverine Award on Offense through practice so far---
1. Denard Robinson, Devin Gardner
2. Mike Cox, Fitzgerald Touissant
3. Steve Schilling, Patrick Omameh
4. Roy Roundtree

             Defense--Did I metion that I'm a defensive minded individual and the reports I'm HEARING are, well, let's just say a little more than glowing...Here goes--

1. DL---Once considered the "weak link" of the Defense is now  one of the bright spots...They are running more of a 4 man front with disguises and movement on 1st and 2nd down and throwing  A LOT of different looks in there on 3rd down...The 3-3-5 is what they are really experimenting with on 3rd down and from what I've been told, with all the variations they can run out of this, the D is fast and physical playing with a lot of intensity..

 another tidbit--I was told by 2 different sources that there were a couple of players in practice that got warned for doing "extra hitting" or not hearing the whistle so-to-speak...I love this part and I can't tell you how happy I am to be told that they are playing with a chip on their collective shoulders...Of course as long as it doesn't need to any uneccessary injuries...

2. LB's---There has been progress from one of the vets but this is still a work in progress...Younger guys like JB Fitzgerald and Kenny Demens have continued to impress and provide solid depth...I just hope that d-coordinator Greg Robinson(who took over the LB coaching spot as well) can develop these LB's like he has always done elsewhere...Should there be an improvement?  Common sense tells me yes..Will there be? I guess we shall see come September...The jury is still out but the reports are better than last year at this time.
 Extra info---Craig Roh is becoming an absolute BEAST...Some people think this kid has the potential to be an All American before he leaves Michigan..There is a lot of talk  on CR and how many ways they are going to utilize his strengths this year..Look for the  kid chasing the single season sack record at UM..

3.DB's---I've been told that there are some possible semi-expected changes in this unit come fall...A lot depends on certain touchy things so, I will wait to expound upon this in the near future hopefully..Having said that, at this point this group is really impressing people...So much so, that they are really gelling and becoming co-leaeders of the D..Have I ever mentioned it's going to be a fun Spring and year? Look for walkon Floyd Simmons to get some reps this fall as well..

   Willis' Wolverine Award for Defense during Spring thus far--
 1. Craig Roh
 2. Renaldo Sagesse
 3. Cam Gordon
 4. JT Floyd
 5. Will Campbell
 6. Obi Ezeh

  Special teams---Gibbons will be the PK and Hagerup will  be the punter as of now...Let's hope the youngans don't get "stage-fright" this year...They will be instrumental in the close games and field position battles...

  punt returns---Stokes,  Gallon
 kick returns--- Stonum, Odoms

   I have also been informed that there will probably be at least a couple more position changes..These will be due to depth(or lack thereof), need or kids outgrowing their initial positions...I am excited about one of them IF it comes to fruition...I will report more on that when/if it happens and I am also given the "blue-light' to report it..

  I will have a few more updates shortly along with other once the remaining 7 practices are concluded.. Thanks for stopping by HD's Octagon...
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