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                                                         April 23rd     9pm

     Good day/evening all you Michigan Wolverine fans...We are pleased to bring you the inside look at "how the players did" in regards to the Spring game and what the future holds..It was more like a Winter/Spring game but there was a great turnout and effort...Are you ready to step back into the Octagon? If so, take your shoes off and tape your hands up because it's time to get after it .......

                           Player evaluation/ Analysis from the 2010 Spring game

        A closer look at the Offense and how the players performed..One's vs. Two's and vice-versa..I am going to break it down into sections so, tonight is OL and TE, next edition will be RB's QB's, then WR's and special teams and so on..I Hope you enjoy it..Here goes round 1 of many, ding ding..............

            1st team OL and TE

    Offensive Line

1..   Left Tackle (RSFrosh) Taylor Lewan-----If this kid isn't Jake Long jr, I don't know who is..This kid has great feet and plays with good leverage..He can take on the first DL and then scrape off to put his hat on the LB...That is what the coaches look for and that's who they have found..  He will be our LT for several years...      
    Current status-- B     potential---A 

2..   Left Guard (Senior) Stephen Schilling-----The veteran of the OL...I love the kids willingness to put his body on the line...He is a tremendous pull blocker and will get in your face..He loves to lock on to the defender and "finish" the block..           
   Current status---B+    Potential---A-

3... Center(RS Soph)   Rocko K'houry-------After watching the Spring  game I must say, RK gets a huge boost from my ratings chart..He is getting major PT right now with Dave Molk out with an injury and he is taking advantage of it...I saw several plays where he sealed the DT and pushed him to either side of the line they were running away from...Plays with good leverage and keeps his feet underneath him which is huge for balance as well..If Dave Molk goes down again, we don't have to worry imo..RK is a player!
    Current status: B         Potential  B+

4..  Right Guard (Sophomore) Patrick Omameh---One of the most athletic OL on the team...I absolutely love this kids game...He is excellent at both pass and run blocking..His feet are always active and is a great drive blocker...He plays with a certain swagger/nastiness and is going to be a very good one in A2 during his career..
  Current status B+  Potential A+

5... Right Tackle (RS Junior) Mark Huyge--------He played some Left Tackle during the game as well..Another one who has stepped up nicely when it's his time to shine..He is showing impressive improvement and he provides a great pass block as well as seal blocking...Has to work on footwork some but overall I am anxious to see what he can do on the outside this year..
   Current Status B-  Potential  B

     "An HD extra"---Here is what I'm TOLD that the OL will probably look like next year, although, anything can happen from now until then..Let the young-guns shine.....Alternates listed below them
  Also, Michael Schofield stole the show for me in terms of growth in the off-season..This kid is HUGE now and will continue to add GOOD weight..Keep an eye on the possible future book end tackles for UM in Taylor Lewan and Michael Schofield...

 LT---T Lewan ,   LG---P Omameh,   C---D Molk,    RG--Q Washington,  RT--M Schofield
        (M Huyge)      (R Barnum)             (R Khoury)               ( C Pace  )           ( K  Wermers)


               Tight Ends

1..  Kevin Koger---He is a little dinged up but will be fine before fall and the season...He will run with the one's when healthy...He is a MAN-child on the field and IF he can put everything together...He will become the "mis-match" we are all hoping for..He has great size and catches the ball well with his hands...Needs to work on blocking to become the elite level TE that so many think he could be...
   Current Status   B-    Potential  B+

2..Brandon Moore-- He ran with the one's on Saturday and did very well doing so...He had at least 4 catches on the day for chain-moving yardage...Like Koger, he is a BIG boy at the TE spot and if he could get better at blocking, I'm positive that we would implement the TE into the offense more..Both guys have potential to be big time players at this level...Will they? 
   Current Status  C+  Potential B

3..Martell Webb----Once again I am semi repeating what I have touched on above...He played mostly with the 3rd team on Saturday but has the potential to be great...Webb and Koger are almost identical in size...Webb is the best blocker of the bunch(imo) but has to work on his hands ..To many open, dropped passes when given the opportunity...  Let's hope the light turns on for Martell Webb...
       Current Status  C-   Potential   B-

         Well my fellow Wolverines...There is a quick look at the  1st team OL and TE player evaluation/analysis...I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to let us know so that we can provide you with the answers or forum to do so...

          Don't forget to check back in with the Michigan Sports Zone daily for the upcoming position/player analysis and other great things that we have on the horizon...Thanks for your time and GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!

    Writing Specialist and insider

              Heath Davis
            HD's Octagon


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