Justice Hayes Gives His Top Six Schools

Michigan native and Grand Blanc Community High School star RB Justice Hayes narrowed his long list of offers to a top six.  These lucky schools in no particular order are....Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Notre Dame, Northwestern, and Tennessee.  Hayes also gave reasons why he chose these six schools over the rest.  Tennessee was chosen because their WR Coach Barrett is a Michigan native and also coached at Michigan State and Justice has really related to him.  Notre Dame was chosen because Coach Kelly also coached at Grand Vally State University and Justice felt a connection with him and his staff.  Northwestern was chosen because his team mate Tony Jones is going to Northwestern and Justice plans on getting the inside scoop on Coach Fitzgerald and his offense.  Michigan and Michigan State were chosen for the same reason, they are close to home and he has developed a great relationship with both head coaches.  Justice also said he can visit each as much as he wants due to how close they are to him and both staffs have been a huge presence at his school.  Iowa was chosen because his cousin Roy Marble is a 2010 Basketball commit and has been getting info on the school through him.  Justice plans on visiting each school at least three times for himself to get a good feel for each program.  He is undecided when he may make his decision but will keep our staff informed on how things are going.  Keep checking back with MSZ for more updates on Justice Hayes and his recruitment.


CBT said...

1. Very Good Hands
2. Good quickness and nice straight line acceleration
3. Good vision and cuts back well.

1. Runs a bit upright
2. Has habit of trying to outrun contain instead keeping inside he hash
3. Top end speed/that extra gear, gets caught from behind often on film

Michigan Insider said...

Thanks CBT your posts are always appreciated!

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