Gateway HS CB Dondi Kirby visiting Michigan for BBQ at the Big House **UPDATE**

Update: Dondi just informed MSZ he received two more offers this past weekend. One was from Wisconsin and the other from Purude. This makes his total offer list to 15! 

Recently Michigan Sports Zone was able to talk with Gateway HS CB Dondi Kirby.  Michigan recruit profile    Dondi updated MSZ on whats new with the talented CB prospect since the last time we spoke with him, his offers, thoughts on Michigan and more....
(To watch the last interview with Dondi back in Feb click the following: Video interview)

Since the last time we spoke with Dondi he has been working hard to better his game and prepare for his senior season.  One attribute about Dondi is humbleness.  A hard worker and fierce competitor but is a down-to-earth and humble person. 

Dondi's hard work on and off the field has paid off with an impressive offer list and constant visits from coaches from all over the country. 

"Ive been getting offers just about every couple of weeks.  This past week several coaches came out to see how I was doing."  said Dondi.

The most recent schools to drop in and check on the talented CB were Iowa, Maryland and Pitt.  Even with the ever constant recruiting competition between schools Michigan has also dropped in recently to visit Dondi.  Michigan has shown Dondi a lot of interest and it is definatley noticable. 

"They send me letters just about every week or so.  The letters tell me about the school and whats coming up with camps."  said Dondi.

With the constant communication with the staff and letters sent to Dondi Michigan has been able to place themselves in a good spot for his recruitment.

"I plan on going to the BBQ at the Big House. Coach told me about it.  It seems like a great thing to get close to the coaches and close to the facilities around there."

Dondi is eager to come out to Ann Arbor to talk to the coaches and see what Michigan has to offer. The only other time he was in Ann Arbor was for a 7-7 that his team won last year. Even though the Al Glick Fieldhouse was under construction at the time he was still able to get a feel for Ann Arbor.

"It was great, actually there were a lot of parties down there that I saw."  said Dondi.

Even though Dondi has only visiting Michigan once he has a general understanding of what the Wolverines are all about.

"Before the visit, its one of the powerhouses in the NCAA. Its a great school." Dondi said about his pre-existing knowledge of the Michigan football program.

Dondi recently took a break from his daily workout schedule to take a trip to visit Ohio State about 3 weeks ago.

Dondi talked about his visit to OSU saying, "It was great! It was a big big facility. The campus is like a tiny little Pittsburgh. There seemed like a lot to do."   Dondi enjoyed the fact the campus and the city of Columbus were virtually intertwined. 

"Its like right there." "Thats what i mean, it was great. Seemed like there is a lot to do when you dont have school."

Other schools Dondi has visited was Pitt, West Virginia and Syracuse for their respective Junior Days.  The visits to all three schools was a great experience for Dondi. 

"All the schools i went to were great. Seemed like they all showed a lot of interest. Talked to all the head coaches and felt very comfortable with all of them."

Dondi doesn't believe distance will be a huge important factor in deciding which school he will commit to.  He credits his grandmother as being the most important person in his life and would like for her to see him play.  With that in mind he is still looking at all schools equally because he says if a theres a school he really likes he can always come back and see her so distance isn't a big factor.

One thing that is for sure is Dondi is set on waiting until signing day to announce his decision.  However, if signing day were to be in the next month there are some schools that stand out.

"Well definitely Michigan, Michigan, Maryland, Ohio State, Illinois and Iowa."

Dondi further narrowed his list down to three schools which are Michigan, Maryland and Ohio State and not in any particular order. 

With an impressive offer list that totals 13 schools: Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, NC State, Syracuse, West Virginia, Pitt, Miami, Iowa,Ohio St,UNC, Indiana and Illinois  Dondi explained some of the factors that will go into what school he will ultimately decide to go to

"Playing time is a big deal with me. If a school has returning starters, umm,i just want to play at least in my first or second year.  I'm also looking for a good education and tradition."  said Dondi.

Even though the depth chart will factor into his decision.  Dondi is prepared to come in and compete against the best.   His willingness to compete for playing time against the best is a plus for the Maize and Blue, who already have two CB verbal commitments for the 2011 class.  

"Not to be cocky but I was taught to feel like im one of the better ones and when it comes time to prove that you prove it with your abilities."  said Dondi.

Dondi compares his game to the Jets CB Darrelle Revis in the sense that they are both the "complete package" as he stated. 

This year he has high expectations for himself and is looking to help lead his team to a championship, make the All-State list and hopefully become a high school level All-American. One interesting note about Dondi

"I'm really blessed I'm a natural at every sport that I'm new to or apart of." Dondi told MSZ when talking about his switch from DE to CB.

When asked about his strengths and weaknesses he will bring to the next level Dondi listed his strengths as his size (6'3) jumping ablilty (35" vertical) and his jamming abilities as his biggest strengths.  As for weakness Dondi only really had one concern and its more of a schematic concern than playmaking abilities.

"playing man coverage throughout all game." Dondi said about his concern for the next level.  He currently plays a lot of cover 2 and will only "man-up" in certain situations.

Next up for Dondi is visits to Maryland and Pitt for their combine events on June 18 and June 23.  He is eager to get out there and prove what he can do.

"I'm just looking to prove I'm one of the top corners/defensive back in the country." said Dondi.

With his speed, size, frame and determination Dondi has all the attributes and measurables to be a big contributor at the next level. Michigan Sports Zone will have more about this Michigan prospect in the coming months!

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