A look at the Defense--HD 2010 edition

                                                              May 18th

       Hello my fellow Wolverine fanatics...Hopefully you all enjoyed your weekend and are getting ready for an exciting Fall 2010...We are a short 109 days away from seeing the most BEAUTIFUL helmet in all of Sports take the field and unleash a can on Uconn...I will be sitting in row 2 on the 40 yard line behind the coaches if anyone wants to chat that day..

       Here is an in-depth look at the Defense for 2010---Returning starters, expected starters and possible starters----



Nose Tackle:

Will Campbell (So.)---Big Will is expected to see major PT this year...The development I am most looking forward to is how will they use him?  When Mike Martin comes back from injury, they will need to be creative so I am going to watch this spot closely this fall and see WHAT kind of Defense seems to be our base...With MM and BW, I would have to think we will see a strong dose of a 4-3

Ronaldo Sagesse (Sr.)---RS has definitely stepped his game up and came to camp ready to go...We need some GOOD depth on the DL and RS provides it...He is becoming a weight room warrior...

Adam Patterson (RS Sr.)---See above on Renaldo Sagesse

Mike Martin (Jr.) ... out for spring, injury (shoulder)--Expected to be healthy by Fall...Let's hope so because he is one of the most pivotal players on D this year...Imo, the Defense goes as the DL does and after losing BG to the draft(congrats BG!) We need some skilled players to provide a pass rush...Do I think we will? YES

-- Fall-frosh Terry Talbott (6-3, 265, 4.9) Huber Hts. OH (Wayne).

-- Fall-frosh Richard Ash (6-3, 260) Pahokee FL.


Weakside DE:

Ryan Van Bergen (RS Jr.)--RVB will become a house-hold name THIS year if he already isn't...He doesn't get enough publicity imo and he will be a very productive player this year...Playing both inside and out depending on down and distance...

Anthony Lalota (RS Fr.)---Provides much needed depth but needs another year of strength and conditioning..He ran with the 2s and 3s during Spring and looked solid...

Strongside DE:

Greg Banks (RS Sr.)---Has his hands full taking the place of BG...He has bought in 100% and the coaches love his attitude..One of the most humble but motivated players on the team...This IS his year to show the coaches, both college and NFL that he is ready...Will he? Time will tell but I expect to see good things from GB this year...

Adam Patterson (RS Sr.)--Plays both inside and out like RVB so, we should see him in different positions as the game goes on..He provides SOLID depth and we will need him and others to stay as healthy as possible...

Will Heininger (RS Jr. ... a walkon .. injured in spring ball)---Had a great Spring and a couple sources told me if he didn't get hurt, he WOULD be rotating with the One's this Fall..Let's hope for a speedy recovery for WH....

-- Fall-frosh DE/DT Jibreel Black (6-2, 260) Wyoming OH.


Hybrid DE/LB

Craig Roh (So.)---One of our best defensive players and did so as a true freshman..That says 2 things to me...He is an absolute BEAST at that position and we are lacking numbers on D...Craig "Death" Roh will be a force to reckon with...

Kevin Leach (RS Jr., walkon)-- I have him listed in 2 different areas because we still have Fall practice left and depending on the results, he could get moved around....Solid player to add depth...

Brandon Herron (RS Jr.)-- Will Brandon "hulk" Herron ever get things going and get his turn? Not sure but I sure hope so...Things just haven't worked out for him since being in A2 and I'm not sure what to expect...Is he a man without a position?  Hmmmmm

Steve Watson (RS Jr)--Tight End turned DE...You have to love his effort and attitude but, is that enough to get ample playing time? Hmmmm

Weakside (WILL) LB:

Jonas Mouton (RS Sr.)--Absolutely need the light to turn on for JM this year...Depending on how Fall goes will be a HUGE factor into what LB's start this year..Like every year, he has had a good Spring..Will that translate onto the field this fall?  Let's hope so!!

Kevin Leach (RS Jr., walkon)---See above

Mike Jones (So.)--Mike Jones looks to be ready to play his part...And from what I am hearing he could get some PT this year IF the gentleman in front of him get hurt or don't produce...He is a big hitter that can run...

Isaiah Bell (RS Fr.)--Another man without a position? Hmm, let's just say I hope things get switched up in the secondary and certain lights come on...He needs to be more assertive in the weight room...

Middle (MIKE) LB:

Obi Ezeh (RS Sr.)--Will this be the year for OE? Good Lord, I hope so!!  He is exceptional in a lot of what he does but pass coverage has been his achilles heel for 3 years now...Does working with new LB position coach D-coord help with his LB playmaking? I have been told it should but it's a wait-n-see approach of course...

J.B. Fitzgerald (Jr.) or Kenny Demens (RS So.)---Both these guys have the ability and desire to start...And like I have pointed out several times in previous blogs that IF Obi and/or Jonas don't produce..These guys will gladly step in and I for one wouldn't mind...

Mark Moundros (RS Sr)--Fullback converted to LB...He shows signs of improvement but also lacks the speed needed at this position...It was a good switch for him and the team imo but again, is he another man without a position? Hmmmmm

-- Fall-frosh (Quick?) Antonio Kinard (6-4, 200) Youngstown (OH) Liberty.

-- Fall-frosh (Quick/DE?) Davion Rogers (6-5, 210) Warren OH (Harding).

-- Fall-Frosh "Quick" Ken Wilkins (6-3, 235, 4.75) Washington PA (Trinity).

-- Fall-Frosh "Quick" Jordan Paskorz (6-2.5, 225) from Allison Park PA (Hampton).

-- Fall-Frosh MIKE/WILL/DE Jake Ryan (6-2.5, 220, 4.6) Cleveland St. Ignatius.



J.T. Floyd (Jr.)--One of the most improved players in the off-season...Is he our most talented DB now? I seem to think so and I am NOT the only one...He is not the flashy playmaker at this position but he will be consistent..That is something we need and I can't wait to see him take the reigns...He loves to tackle and cover and will "talk" to you on the field while doing so..

CB/S Justin Turner (RS Fr.)--I believe(like I said 2 years ago) that J Turners future would be best suited at Free Safety...Look for this development over the next few months...He is out-growing the CB position IMO so keep your eyes peeled to see where he ends up..Let's hope he finds a position because he is a very special player......


Troy Woolfolk (Sr.)---This is his make it or break it year...He has been the victim of multiple position changes due to NO DEPTH in this area...I personally like T-Wolf at Safety but I want whatever the coaches feel is best for the team...I think IF healthy, he will have a monster year...

James Rogers (RS Jr.)--Another man without a position?  Hmmmm

Al Backey (RS Fr., walkon)---Solid player for depth...You have to love the heart and desire of these walk-ons....

 Tony Anderson (RS Junior,walk-on) Extra---Watch for this kid if we suffer any injuries this year...He played with the One's for the Spring game and held his own..Could be a name we get used to in the future..

-- Fall-Frosh CB Cullen Christian (6-1.5, 185, 4.5) Pittsburgh, PA (Penn Hills).

-- Fall-Frosh CB/S Demar Dorsey (6-0, 175, 4.35) Ft. Lauderdale Boyd..Will he make it in? Hmmm :(

-- Fall-Frosh CB Courtney Avery (5-9, 175) Lexington OH.

-- Fall-Frosh CB Terrance Talbott (5-10, 165, 4.5, 4.0 shuttle) Huber Hts. OH (Wayne).



Hybrid LB/SS (Spur)

Thomas Gordon (RS Fr.)---...He is still somewhat of a liability in pass coverage but he brings everything else you want in a d-player at this position..I EXPECT big things in the future from

Floyd Simmons, walkon----Provides great depth and could crack the starting rotation this Fall if certain things happen...He is a solid player and could surprise some people..

Michael Williams (RS Jr.)---Another player without a position? Hmmmm

"Free" (Box) Safety or Bandit

Jordan Kovacs (RS So. ... was a walk-on but not anymore)--He might not be the "flashy" player that people are looking for but, he seems to be in the right place at the right time...He is one of the BEST tacklers on the team and loves to do so...Another guy who is a liability in pass coverage....Let's hope he gets some over the top help, if so, he could be a big player...

Cameron Gordon (RS Fr.)---One of MY favorite players and position changes to this day..Like JK, he is a slight liability in Pass coverage but he brings everything else to the game that coaches salivat for...I will be keeping a close eye on CG throughout his career...I expect some big 10 awards coming his way in the near future...Is he a game changer we need in the Secondary?  Hmmm, I think so.......

Brandin Hawthorne (RS Fr. ... listed at spur as well)--Versatile player who has the opportunity to take the bull by the horns but hasn't done so as of yet...Shows some good abilities on the field at times and then get lost at others..Let's hope he "steps-up'

"Strong" (Deep) Safety

Cameron Gordon (RS Fr.)--See above...He is a player that is NEEDED on the field so, if someone else steps up somewhere else, you can expect to see him moved so that he can stay on the field...The coaches really, really like this kid...

Teric Jones (So.) or Vlad Emilien (So. ... first part of spring injury)---Solid backups to this  point...I actually had VE penciled in as a possible starter this year but he HAS to stay healthy and put in work IF he is going to do so...He has the abilities so, I will be watching this battle come Fall...

-- Fall-Frosh "Spur" or WILL Josh Furman (6-2, 190, 4.4) Millersville MD (Old Mill).
-- Fall-Frosh S/Spur Marvin Robinson (6-1, 200, 4.5) Eagle Lake, FL (Lake Region)

-- Fall-Frosh S Carvin Johnson (6-0, 195) Metairie LA (Rummel).

-- Fall-Frosh S Ray Vinopal (5-10, 185, 4.41 electronic) Youngstown OH (Cardinal Mooney).

               Returing starters (7) IMO---RVB, JK, MM, JM, OE, CR, TW

               Expected new starters (4)---TG, CG, JT Floyd, GB

               Possible starters or in the rotation as Frosh(3)--Kenny Wilkins, Jibreel Black, Carvin Johnson
                 Sleeper---Richard Ash, nose tackle..

           Well folks, there is a sneak-peek into the future of the UM Defense and what might happen this fall...I expect a fast, physical team ready to prove the detractors wrong...Will the Defense be the KEY to UM's success THIS year?   Hmmmmmmmmmm?

            Thanks for stopping by and we hope to have many more updates on the team and recruits in the near future....GO BLUE

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CBT said...

Some quick Comments

1. Mike Martin is one of hardest works on team, even injured he was busting his fanny all spring

2. RVB, Love this kid, he gives 100% every play. Not sure he will ever generate much pass rush

3. Banks- Really stepped, great aginst the run. Lets keep fingers crossed on pass rush

4. Roh- Noticably biger and thicker. Played a ton of Sam Lber when UM used 3-3

5. Fitz played more SLber, was Rohs primary back up with Demens sharing MLBer duty with Ezeh

6. UM played more 3 deep coverage this spring with CGordon as center fielder

7. Kovacs might be smartest kid on defense. very important to have a brainy safety in zone blitz packages

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the extra info CBT...It is always informed and very welcome here...Please continue to opine on any subject or post we have here...

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