Penn State Commit Kyle Carter speaks to MSZ about becoming a Nittany Lion

Last evening William Penn HS TE/WR Kyle Carter became the Nittany Lions first commitment for 2011 recruiting class.  Kyle spoke to Michigan Sports Zone about why he committed to PSU, his thoughts of playing in the Big Ten Conference, what his commit may mean for future camps/combines and how solid he at being a Nittany Lion.

For Kyle Carter being a 6'4" 230 lb tight-end with reliable hands one would've assume the recruiting process would have been stressful to due the amount of activity.  In Kyles case it has been everything but the "hustle and bustle" many thought it would be. After a strong junior season and impressive performances at numerous combines such as the National Underclassmen Combine, Nike Combines and others, it seemed to take a while for him to garner any offers.  Kyle didn't let the process discourage him. Even after receiving two other offers from lower-tiered divisional schools he always maintained his focus and worked hard.   He knew at some point in time his hard work on and off the field would pay dividends.  For this dedicated young man the pay off is enormous--becoming a Penn State Nittany Lion.

"I committed today officially! Last night I was thinking about it (committing) but I decided to sleep on it.  I stuck with it this morning and committed when I spoke with Coach Ron Vanderlinden today." Kyle said about his commitment.

Kyle received offers from Bucknell University and the University of Deleware but when notified by the Penn State coaching staff of an impending offer he knew becoming a Nittany Lion was what he wanted to do.

"Someone put it into perspective for me telling me It doesn't get any better than this and what are you waiting for?" said Kyle. 

His offer came as a bit of a surprise but was nonetheless well- received.

"The thing is my coach called me into the guidance office yesterday and told me that Penn State called.  He told me to call Coach Vanderlinden.  I called him last night and Coach Vanderlinden said to me they are definitely offering me and that I should get it in the mail in a couple of days."

If the offer from Penn State was a surprise to  Kyle his quick commitment to  gave off just about the same well received excitement from the Penn State staff.

"He (Coach Vanderlinden) came today and he had no idea. I let him know at the school and he was real excited. He called the Tight Ends coach and told him about it and also said they were going to set up a call with Joe Paterno."

For Kyle becoming a Nittany Lion is a dream come true,

"Ive always liked Penn State. It was kinda a local school and my mom went there. That was just the team that I loved."  said Kyle.

The TE prospect admits Rutgers was in the mix but didn't get the feeling he was as much of a priority with Rutgers than what he felt from Penn State when they offered. 

"Thing about Rutgers is they were straggling me along and stuff and Penn State they are top of the line school and they saw my tape and potential and offered me and it really meant a lot to me."

Penn State hasn't handed out very many offers this recruiting class due to a limited amount of available scholarships but knew they would have to jump quick to secure a commitment from Kyle.  The quickness of Penn States offer was noticed by Kyle and he wanted to return the favor.

"I wanted to be the first commitment to the school and I know that really meant a lot to them." said Kyle. 

Becoming a Nittany Lion is not only a dream come true for Kyle but was is also an extra special event for his mother who is a Penn State alum.  Kyle was always free to make his own choice but his mothers happiness about her son going to her Alma-mater was evident.

"She was real excited, she gave me a big hug, She was just happy. I could tell some tears were about to come out of her eyes. I could tell she was just real excited."  said Kyle.

For Kyle the aurora of playing in the Big Ten Conference is as good as it can get.

"I just know that it is a great conference. There are a lot of legends that came out of the Big Ten and big schools like Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan. The whole conference has a lot of tradition. Its a great honor to play in the Big Ten. Everyone talks about the SEC and stuff but were gonna put Penn State on the map. National Championship." Kyle said about the privilege of playing in the Big Ten Conference.

For Kyle his commitment to Penn State is as solid as it gets and he will be ending his recruitment so the Nittany Lion faithful dont have to worry about him being a so called "soft commit"

"No chance at all. He (Coach Vanderlinden) asked me that today.  No chance at all. Im Penn State all the way. 100 percent and theres no changing it." Kyle stated about the possibility of a de-commit if another powerhouse school were to offer.

Kyle is confident his size and talents are going to be a great asset to the Penn State offense.

"The thing is about Penn State is they use their tight-ends a lot.  I feel I can be used in the slot, as a regular tight-end or H-back.  I can go in motion and block, I can go out and catch the ball and block on the line.  I just want to go out and do it all for them." "Coach said I am going to have an early chance to play as a freshman, so I'm really excited for that."  said Kyle.

Just because he is committed doesn't mean he is going to stop working hard.  In conjunction with a rigorous training routine he plans to take part upcoming Rutger 7-7 camp and a Penn State camp to be able to practice and hone in on some of his skills.  With his love for Penn State and rigorous training ethics, Kyle is a great pick up for the Nittany Lions. 


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