Nebraska Joining the Big-10

The University of Nebraska was given an ultimatum by the Big-12 earlier this week.  They had until Friday to decide whether to stay in the conference or go.  Official word came early Friday afternoon that Nebraska decided to go.  A few hours later their application to join the Big-10 was officially accepted and approved by the Big-10 Conference.  Nebraska is set to join the conference on July 1, 2011 and they may not be the only team leaving for the Big-10.  Word came Thursday that Colorado left the Big-12 for the Pac-10 and with the conference losing 2 teams in two days others in the conference may be prepared to bail as well.  The University of Missouri has already expressed interest in joining the Big-10 a few weeks ago but the Big-10 would probably only be interested if it decided to expand to 16 teams.  Also Big-12 powerhouse Texas stated Friday that the University of Texas will wait and see what happens in the coming weeks to the Big-12 Conference and then they will evaluate their options. 

Keep checking back with MSZ for more on the new look for the Big-10 Conference.


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