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Good day my fellow Wolverines..Welcome to round 2 of "HD's octagon"... Well, I don't know about you but, I absolutely love the full 2010 recruiting class...There are so many under-rated players and kids with so much potential I don't know where to begin!?! I guess I will start with the depth chart and give a little info that I've heard and also my opinion on the matter...I am listing who I think will be starters first in each category..I will also list possible position shake-ups after this is complete...I'll add a some things I am looking for next year and every once in a while provide a recruiting guess(which will all be opinion by the way) and should add a little fun to this site as we welcome comments on that subject or others..Thanks for your continued support and recommendations..This is going to be an exciting Spring..

2010 Depth Chart:


1. Tate Forcier(sophomore 6'0, 193 lbs) he has added 5-8 lbs of muscle in the off-season and will be the starter next year (imo)

2. Denard Robinson(sophomore 6'1 197 lbs) D-rob is up 11 lbs from this time last year(his legs are huge from last year) Can you say, durability? I can!! Now that we have QB depth, the coaches can use their "toys" more efficiently..

3. Devin Gardner(Freshman 6'5 215 lbs) the FUTURE of UM football at the QB spot

4. Nick Sheridan(RS Senior 6'1 212 lbs) Future coach somewhere (imo)..very smart kid

5. Conelius Jones(Freshman 6'3 187 lbs) Athlete who could play several positions if he feels "buried" at the QB position..

Running Backs:

Super-back position

1.Fitzgerald Touissant(RS Freshman 5'10 197 lbs) Toss up with FT and MS, I have a GREAT feeling about him(alwasy have)

2.Michael Shaw(Junior 6'1 194 lbs) He HAS to step up this year

3.Austin White(Freshman 6'0 187 lbs) Kid is perfect for this system

4.Teric Jones(5'9 190 lbs) Kid is solid muscle

5.Vincent Smith(5'7 184 lbs) He would be my #1 but (imo) he will sit out all year and earn a RS


1. Mike Cox(RS Sophomore 6'0 220 lbs) More on this momentarily

2. Stephen Hopkins(Freshman 6'0 240 lbs) coaches want him at 230 and is very UNDER-rated

Some of you might have noticed that I have Mike Cox at Max back instead of Super back...I believe you will see this happen for a couple reasons...1..He has gained good weight, he can block well, he has good speed, he is one of our BEST pass catchers out of the back-field and most importantly, I believe Mark Moundros is being moved in Spring to an LB position so, Mike Cox is the PERFECT fit at this position (imo) at a position of need!! Unless we are going to really "open it up" this year on offense and the FB position is not needed as much with different formations and players being added..Did I say this is going to be an exciting Spring yet?


1.Martavious Odoms(Junior 5'9 175 lbs) his blocking gets overlooked (imo)

2.Roy Roundtree(RS Sophomore 6'0 179 lbs) Thanks Mr. Tiller..We fans loved his contributions

3.Jeremy Gallon( RS Freshman 5'8 171 lbs) Wild card for starting slot (imo) and punt returner

4.Kelvin Grady(RS Junior 5'9 171 lbs) let's hope another year provides confidence

5.Drew Dileo(Freshman 5'10 177 lbs) true football player..

6. Terrance Robinson(RS Sophomore 5'8 174lbs) I will save my comment until after Spring, IF it goes that far..

Outside Receivers:

1. Junior Hemingway(RS Junior 6'2 217 lbs) Only lock as starting WR this year (imo)

2.Daryl Stonum(Junior 6'2 202lbs) 2 and 3 will be competing for the other spot this Spring...

3.Jeron Stokes(Sophomore 6'0 185 lbs) with his versatility he will line-up at slot as well..book it

4.Ricardo Miller(Freshman 6'3 198 lbs) Great hands and size

5.Jerald Robinson(Freshman 6'2 186 lbs) Have been saying for months that he WILL be special in time..

Tight Ends:

1. Kevin Koger( Junior 6'4 247 lbs) match-up nightmare, needs to be more consistent

2.Martell Webb(RS Junior 6'4 244 lbs) see above

3..Brandon Moore(RS Sophomore 6'5 244 lbs) good blocker, needs work on routes

4.Jeremy Jackson(Freshman 6'4 207 lbs) this is future prognostication...he could stay at WR

Offensive Line: Here's where it gets tricky and I will update this as needed in the future..This is an "as of now" line-up but, I am adding what it could look like after Spring..I'm also not doing height and weight on this position because, well, they are big boys and we know that.. :)

1. Left Tackle--Mark Huyge, with Omameh and Lewan in the wings...If Molk is not healthy this year I could see Omameh move to Right Tackle and Lewan to LT but, that's probably more likely for next year as Huyge is getting BIG and provides experience...Time will tell, watch for this one..

2. Left Guard--Steve Schilling, with Elliot Mealer and John Ferrara getting the 2nd and 3rd spots..I see no changes here unless Schilling were to get hurt..

3. Center--Dave Molk when he returns for Fall, followed closely by Rocko Khoury and Christian Pace..Also, IF needed, I could see Mike Schofield take over this position as well...He would be a tall Center but, he has the disposition you need at Center...A "I'm going to tear your head off mentality" and has the skill set as well..

4. Right Guard--Patrick Omameh, followed closely by Ricky Barnum and Quinton Washington...IF Molk is ready to go this Fall then, I expect to see Omameh stay at RG

5.Right Tackle--Perry Dorrenstein, followed very close by Mike Schofield...I for one cannot wait until this kid sees the field..He has the "Molk attitude" on the field and we NEED that in a bad way..

Tidbit--If Molk can't go for some reason then this is my prediction pre-Fall for starting line-up

LT---Omameh, LG--Schilling, C--Khoury, RG--Barnum, RT--Huyge...Also, just one player update that I think you will like is that Taylor Lewan is up from 270 last year to 290 right now and has a "six pack" and could make a serious push at LT this year...All of our O-line is at 285 plus and are being molded into big, strong, agile, mobile smart football players...The future is really bright on the OL due to athleticism and only 3 guys in 2deep are Seniors...Very good news if you ask me..Did I say this is going to be an exciting Spring yet? haha

Defensive Tackle:

Nose tackle

1. Will Campbell(Soph)

2. Renaldo Sagesse(Senior)

3. Richard Ash(Freshman) This is just my future prediction, could also be a DT instead of NT

Defensive tackle

1.Mike Martin(Junior)

2.Greg Banks(RS Senior)

3.Terry Talbott(Freshman)

Defensive Ends:

Strong side ends

1. Ryan Van Bergen(RS Junior)

2.Will Heininger(RS Junior)

3.Adam Patterson(RS Senior)

4.Jibreel Black(Freshman)

5.Jordan Paskorz(Freshman) Have had conflicting reports on his weight...I will keep him here for now but, as I reported before, I have heard he bulked up to 265-270 area...If so, he would move into the DT position...Once I confirm this I will update this..Sorry for any confusion

6. Anthony Lolata(RS Freshman)

Quick position

1. Craig Roh(Sophomore)

2.Brandon Herron(RS Junior)

3.Kenny Wilkins(Freshman)one of MY favorites from this class

4.Steve Watson(RS Junior)

5.Davion Rogers(Freshman)


Weakside backers

1.Jonas Mouton(RS Senior)

2. Kenny Demens(RS Sophomore) some have him at MLB, I think he might push JM for PT at the WILL LB position this year

3..Isiah Bell(RS Freshman)

4.Jake Ryan(Freshman) I personally feel he will move to DE in the future..Hope not because we NEED true LB's on the roster but, this is just personal feeling where he projects best at..

Mike LB or MLB---

1. Obi Ezeh(RS Senior) has to have a HUGE year for UM to be successful...Having said that, I wish he were playing the "Quick" position because I feel that's where his talents would shine the most...

2.JB Fitzgerald(Junior) I truly feel he could end up getting MAJOR PT this year, especially with certain changes to the line-up once Spring has finalized...

3.Kevin Leach(RS Junior) A little undersized at this position but, he did very well when he had the opportunity...Provides good depth

4.Mark Moundros(RS Senior) switching positions from fullback for this Spring..Time will tell how this one works out..

Strongside LB or SAM or Spinner(in this system)

1.Brandin Hawthorne(RS Freshman) he and Mike Jones will be one's to watch this Spring (imo)

2.Mike Jones( Sophomore)

3.Josh Furman(Freshman) Starter at this spot NEXT year...Athletic freak who should be a monster after a full year of MB training..

4.Cameron Gordon(RS Freshman) Hearing very positive things about this kid

DB's or secondary

This is a position where I believe we see some major changes...All will work itself out by fall so, I'll just put what I think would be starters as of today and then add some other tidbits as I go forward..


1.Justin Turner(RS Freshman 6'2 192) Coaches dream for size and ability at CB..Let's hope it translates on the field...It better or we are in trouble!!

2.JT Floyd(RS Sophomore 6'1 187) Look for either Cullen Christian or Demar Dorsey fight for time here.

3.Demar Dorsey(Freshman 6'1 181) Best athlete at UM in 10 years (imo)

4. Cullen Christian(Freshman 6'1 188) He and DD will be in 2 deep immediately..

5.James Rogers(Junior) Man without a position....Hope things work out for the best on him..More to add later IF need be..

6.Courtney Avery(Freshman 5'10 173)

7.Terrance Talbott(Freshman 5'10.5 170) these last 2 guys are very under-rated and are more then "just depth"

Free Safety(which is like a Strong Safety in other systems)

1.Vlad Emilien(Sophomore 6'1 203) I believe he gets his chance this year and I am excited about the possibilities for this position..A hitter's mentality with speed..Could it be? Let's hope so!!

2.Marvin Robinson(Freshman 6'1 207) To talented to not have a good early future at UM..IF the FS position doesn't work out for M-rob...I believe he will be moved to the "spinner" position(this is where I personally think he belongs)

3.Jordan Kovacs(RS Sophomore 5'11 193) I wanted to put him at the 2 spot but, M-rob is just to big and college ready right now...You could see these 2 flip-flop depending on Spring results..

4.Thomas Gordon(RS Freshman 6'1.5 201) Could have a very bright future..You may also see him move to the WILL LB spot in the future (imo)...

5.Micheal Williams(RS Junior 5'11 189)

6.Carvin Johnson(Freshman 6'1 197) very under-rated player and you could see him jump to the 2 or 3 spot by Fall depending on what changes are made after Spring...Pure football player

Strong Safety or SS

1.Troy Woolfolk(Senior 6'0 188) Great speed at this position..Just needs to read plays better and take good angles..

2.Ray Vinopal( Freshman 5'11 183)

3.Demar Dorsey(Freshman 6'1 181) I put him here also because this is his natural position but, it has been stated that he will start out at Corner..Not sure if that is due to neccesity or if, with this defense, it's "easier" to learn this coming in because of similarities with another position and makes the College "transition" that much easier...

Special Teams


1. Will Hagerup(Freshman) can he handle the pressure? Sure hope so, we need a good punter in a bad way...


1. Brendan Gibbons(RS Freshman) Hope he is ready for his time to shine!

Punt returners

Dorsey, Gallon and Odoms

Kick returners

Stonum, D-rob and Woolfolk

There is a look at the 2010 depth chart with projected positions and possible battles and position changes...As I said before, this will be the most exciting Spring since Rich Rodriguez's arrival...We are 63 days away from the Spring game and I can honestly say, I wish it was next week..I hope to see as good or better turn out than last year...It truly was great to see the support that RR and staff have(and deserve imo)..

5 things I am looking for in UM for this season to have a successful year:

1..Turnover's---Hold on to the football and we will have success...Last year we could have won 4 more games IF we didn't have so many turnover's within each game...If you limit the T.O's we had last year to half this year(although still to many), we will see a huge spike in success...We beat ourselve's to many times last year and if RR is going to stick around at UM, THIS has to be the #1 focus in Spring

2..Attitude-----This team desperately needs to regain that "swagger" they had the first 4 weeks of last year...After Molk went out, it seemed like the whole teams "mental toughness" DEFLATED....We need more than one vocal leader this year...We need guys who demand success from others or sit the bench..

3..Development---This team is under an extreme transformation and our S&C program is molding these guys into giant, mobile monsters...I believe this will be the year we finally see what MAGIC Mike Barwis has worked in his short tenure here...I am hearing GLOWING reports on A LOT of the OL along with others as well...

4..Fundamentals---We absolutely need to continue to work on reading plays, playing fast and tackling well...You will see a much more fundamentally sound team this year...They are supposed to simplify the system some what which should lead to less read and re-act and be more active..The coaches have been beating this topic like a drum and now it's TIME for the PLAYERS to show them/us why they came to UM...

5..Chemistry-------The TEAM all needs to be on the same page or as we all know the phrase "all-in"... Not only in buying in but also "gelling" on the field as a team..We absolutely cannot have anyone still "wondering" if this is the right fit or place for them...Once we have a total "buy in", it is and will be a much easier transition and will lead to a cohesive, high character group that will be a FAMILY for life...Look for a few more guys to face the "decision" once Spring ball rolls around..

RR and company are building Michigan into one of the fastest teams in the nation in just 2 years...If this translates on the field in a positive fashion, which I feel it will, the success from this will be MONUMENTAL..If you sit down and digest everything he has done for this program(sans the fball record) since his arrival, you should be just as excited as I am about the future..Rome wasn't built in one day and obviously this team hasn't been either...Fwiw--it was a beautiful sight once Rome was completed and I have no doubts that if given the proper time, RR and company will have us at a level unseen by most that are alive and have followed UM football their entire lives..

I can't begin to tell you how excited I truly am about this class...Especially if you think about the potential it has and how we achieved it...Not often do you find a talent rich class after completing 2 of the worst years experienced in UM football history...Just imagine what the future classes will look like once we start winning on a BIG TIME level...We will be a national powerhouse for years to come very, very soon..Here's to 2010 being the beginning of the new era and the dominance it should provide...

Lastly, I know it's early and we don't have a lot of scholarships to give out this year as of now but, wouldn't it be nice to add a stud LB, DL and OL to the class of 2011 in the near future? I do and I think it's real possible.. I think we will get to 19 or 20 when it's all said and done so, I won't "worry" about space just yet...

Thanks for stopping by and I/we would love to hear your thoughts/opinions on any of this or other subjects..GO BLUE


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