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   Smell that? I do..Ahhh, the smell of Spring is just around the corner...Today starts my internal Spring football countdown and today we are only 75 days away from the 2010 University of Michigan Spring football game...For those that don't already know, it is on Saturday, April 17th and it will start roughly between the hours of 12 pm and 1pm..I hope to see a lot of you in attendance..Last Spring was a beautiful day and a TERRIFIC turnout by the UM fans and alum...Let's pack the house this year, what do you say?

   On to football...Things I know---The 2010 UM offense will still be young and a work in progress but, make no mistake about it..We have an electric set of athletes that have been added to the roster with the last 2 recruiting classes which should pay big dividends for this new style offense in A2...A lot of them will be in their second year as well which adds much needed experience on the football field..We should see a WORLD of difference in the offense this year..Side note, I really like our last 2 classes..Imo, a lot of these kids will be big time players in Ann Arbor over the course of the next couple years...There is A LOT of under-rated talent in these last 2 classes on both sides of the ball...Not just my opinion by the way..

   The offense last year was inconsistent at best but, I would contribute that to a bunch of freshman or inexperienced guys having to fill holes, injuries and oh yeah, UN-forced FUMBLES...This year will be a LIGHT-YEARS difference in what we saw last year(more on this later)..If you think about it, even though it was RR's 2nd year, it was truly his FIRST full year within the system..Last year was where he actually had 2 QB's that could run this system, albeit freshman's...They simply didn't have that "luxury" in his first year and it showed..

   Things I don't know(starting positions)--  The QB position battle and the RB battle this Spring will be the positions I watch the most in regards to offense...I truly believe that we will see Tate Forcier win the QB battle this Spring which would let us utilize Denard Robinson in a variety of ways...The coaches wanted to do this last year but, when you don't have QB depth in this system, you're simply not going to "risk it"..We added 2 more stud QB's to this class so depth is no longer an issue, as of now.. The RB position is far from secure so, that should also be a very fun one to watch as well..We need a "go-to-guy" to say the least and V Smith is him as long as he's healthy..Again, the starting job will be earned in Spring but, that is who I'm going with as far as the beginning of this year goes..This will be a very different looking and functioning offense going into next fall and I for one can't wait to see this future juggernaut explode..We averaged 29.8 a game last year with an inexperienced, young offense with the case of fumbilitis..I EXPECT to see all areas improved and  if they do, LOOK OUT...This offense will be tough to stop in the very near future..
   Players to keep an eye on for Spring on offense that we haven't seen much of---T Lewan, Qwashington, R Barnum,Fitz Touissant, Mike Cox, Mike shaw, J Stokes, J Gallon

   The 2010 Defense will be the key to failure or success (imo)...With it being the 2nd full year under Greg Robinson, I believe we will see a much more cohesive group...I have read that G-rob plans to simplify the Defense a little bit so that the players are on their "toes" and not their "heels"..You should see a much more active defense this year(let's hope so)...Losing B Graham, Donovan Warren and Stevie Brown will definitely hurt but, the defense this year should be much faster and a lot more fun to watch due to it's athleticism and knowledge of the same system...There should be quite a few changes but, it should be for the better...Let's hope we get a "death roh" (CR) performance out of 2 freshman this year like the one freshman sensation we had last year..I have a feeling we will see 2 new faces..We just need the Defense to be good not GREAT at UM while running the read-option spread..If so, we will be very hard to beat.. I would also love to hear people's thoughts on who they would want as the next D asst coach  (DB or LB)and why? This will be of huge interest to me in the coming weeks...
   Here's the base Defense that I would like to see(before Spring) but, would love to hear others input as well... DL--MM, WC, RVB.. LB--Mouton(maybe K Demens after spring)  Ezeh(maybe Fitz or Leach after spring) DE/OLB--C Roh LB/SS--Hawthorne or M Jones...CB--JT Turner and T woolfolk  FS--Kovacs or Marvin Robinson and SS--Vlad Emilien or Cullen Christian..Of course, all of this will get ironed out after/during Spring but, I just wanted to share my take on how it might look...Again, interested in hearing anyone else's line-ups..

   My players on D to keep on eye on that we haven't seen or seen much of--M-Rob, CC, Kenny Wilkins, JB Fitz, K Demens, JT Turner and J Paskorz... I know some might be asking themselves why JP? I did to until I was told by 2 different sources that JP has been a weight room animal and has beefed up from 230 to the 265-270 range already..He apparently has kept up his mobility and is doing great...He is considered to be another steal of class...They expect to see him crack the 2 deep by this fall...I would love it if that came to fruition and the information was indeed 100% correct..I have no doubts that it is fwiw..

   Some people think we are going to get shut-out come signing day..Some think we are going to get one..Some think if we get 2 it has to be a certain 2..I'm going to put on my snake-skin sun glasses and say we get 2 and it will be DD and SP..That is more "possible" than it is "probable" and it's also just MY opinion..But hey, I can dream big can't I?  

   My prediction for next year is that we go 8-4 regular season(anything more would be outstanding) and win the Outback bowl to finish 9-4 going into what should be an EXCITING 2011...Thanks for stopping by and I hope to have something more enjoyable in the future as we inch closer to Spring ball...Please keep all information or stories on this site...Thanks again for everyone's support for this new web site..Don't forget to tell your friends so that all of the hard working staff can continue to bring you it's great coverage...GO BLUE

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