Offer Alert!! Michigan offers DB Kyshoen Jarrett

East Stroudburg, PA Cornerback Kyshoen Jarrett informed Michigan Sports Zone he has received an offer from the University of Michigan.  Jarrett is excited about his latest offer saying "well they definatley produce some good DBs (defensive backs) and i would like to be apart of a team that wins games but also develops there players and Michigan can do that"

Jarrett lists his 40 time as a 4.56. He understands the importance of hard work and knows what he needs to do to become a better player.  He focuses on perfecting his weaknesses rather than boasting his strengths, he told Top Prospect Sports"i just wanna get better reading a QB (quarterback) even though im not a safety and get quicker feet..higher vertical and i want to tackle better..like a saftey does"

Watching Jarrett play it is hard to find his weaknesses.  He is a dynamic  player.  He has a high motor and quick instincts.  His abilities to jam a reciever off of thier pattern is partly what seperates him from the pack.  Fluid hips, quick feet and superb instincts allows him to consistenly be in a position to make plays.  Jarrett doesnt shy away from tackles.  He is a physical defender that will step up in run support and ferocious tackles and punishing hits. Jarrett is the type of player that offensive coordinators have to gameplan around.  He is a a force to be reckoned with on the football field.  This latest offer by Michigan is Jarrett's sixth offer. He also holds offers from Akron, Illinois, Maryland, Pitt, Syracuse

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