Michigan Sports Zone was on-hand for Badger 7-7 at Rutgers

Michigan Sports Zone was on hand for the Badger 7-7 competition at Rutgers University on Saturday 27 Feb. The event hosted many top prospects from 11 different states.  At the end of the day, the speedy team from New Jersey dominated the event.  Opposing teams were not able to match-up with the teams speed and skill set on offense or defense.
Quickies from the event:

1. Miles Shuler: UM OFFER  Profile  (pictured 3rd from left after Baines and Huggins) was sensational.  He is able to use his elite level speed to create seperation from recievers.  He is quick and shifty and can pivot without losing his top-end speed.  Top corners at the event simply could not keep up with him.  At one time he was double-teamed in the end zone and still came down with the TD. Shuler has "sticky hands" he is a consistent catcher with the ability to adjust to the ball and make a play.  On another one of Shulers TD catches he caught the pass on a cross pattern and used his speed to outrun everyone to the endzone.  For Shulers last TD pass he simply outran the defender and the QB throw it up for Shuler to catch.    Michigan has offered this talented prospect.  In an interview with Michigan Sports Zone he said about the offer "its Michigan, its big time!"  Michigan fans should be excited about this prospect he has the skill set and speed to make an impact for the Maize and Blue.  

2.  Damiere Byrd profile  (who was just offered by Louisville) also played very well.  His speed and great route running abilities allows him to create a gap of seperation between him and the defender. Once the ball is in his hands he is able to use his speed and vision to make gain considerable yardage after the catch. Like Shuler, Byrd is a consistent catcher who isnt known for dropping too many passes.  Byrd doesnt spend a lot of time on the line of scrimmage. He is able to shed defenders off of "bumps" and get onto his pattern.  Top defenders in the event had a hard time keeping up with Byrd to effectivley defend him.

3.  Ronald Baines: profile   Ronald "Duke" Baines is a sleeper DB/S prospect.  Baines played very well at the event.  He held his own against some of the areas top recievers.  Baines was consistently breaking up plays and batting down balls. He is a physical defender who has a good break on the ball.  Against taller defenders he is not afraid to go up and go after the ball to make a play.  Baines is an excellent open field tackler.  He is one of the best "sleeper" defensive prospects in the 2011 class for the Northeast region. 

4.  Savon Huggins  Scout profile   is a highly sought after RB recruit who holds more than 20 D-1 offers. He is a player that makes otherS around him play better by his intensity.  Even though he is being highly recruited as a RB,  Huggins showed off his defensive abilities at the Badgers 7-7 event.  Huggins was a "shutdown" defender. He is a vocal player who consistently challenges his opponents.  It is easy to see how much he loves football and how passionate he is about the game.  Huggins would also make a good defensive prospect but will be using his offensive talents to make an impact at the next level.  

5.  LB Andrew Hodge  Scout profile is a player that caught the eye of analysts.   Hodge has a good amount of muscle on him. A poor reciever came into his area on a cross pattern and he actually laid him out. It was all instinct.  Hodge felt bad about it and the player was just fine.  It goes to show he plays football with the utmost intensity.  Look for more information about Hodge to come soon.

6.  Quinton Alston-Rivals profile  is another sleeper in the 2011 class. He currently holds just one offer but he is a noticable leader on the field.  Michigan Sports Zone will have more information about Quinton soon.  


7.  Tanner McEvoy Scout profile  has great hands. Is a big target for quarterbacks. He has the size, speed and catching ability to be a special receiver at the College level.  Tanner video via ESPN recruiting

Michigan Sports Zone will have all the video from the event soon. Including Miles Shulers impressive performance and reaction to his UM offer. 

(photos taken by MSZ Recruiting Analyst Alan Beaulieu)


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